The following services are available as an add-on to your existing shared hosting, wordpress hosting or cloud hosting plan.

Here you find the add-ons that make life easy.

From our moving service to our WordPress Update Service and everything in between, these services make your life easier and the experience even better.


SSL Certificate - € 59/year

We purchase and install your SSL certificate annually. Wildcard and extended validation SSL also available.


Global AnyCast DNS Servers - € 50/year

This global system with over 80 points of presence makes your DNS more secure and faster and also protects your DNS against DDOS attacks. Details


Moving service - € 50 per website

Take the hassle out of moving your website from another hosting provider to our platform. Certain limitations apply.


WordPress Update Service - € 170/year

Let us keep your WordPress website up to date for you. At a minimum four times per year, and as required due to urgent security issues, we will update WordPress and plugins.


Anonymous Registration - € 10/year

We use our name and contact details in the public whois registry, so contact requests will through us.


Extra FTP - € 10/year

Point an extra FTP account directly to a specific directory.


2/4 Hour SLA - € 65/month

Peace of mind with hard guarantees of a response and resolution time.

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